World Water Day 2017

World Water Day is tomorrow! We’re so excited to hear about what our field partners are doing to start Clean Water Projects and bring awareness about clean water in several regions in Asia. Here’s a look at what’ll be happening—would you take a minute to pray for these projects?

  • 5 Jesus Wells in a drought-stricken region
  • Water Awareness program in a slum (educating families on using water wisely during hot months and preventing water scarcity)
  • BioSand Water Filters given to impoverished families (in a region where water is contaminated by iron and causes skin disease)
  • And…. 64 Jesus Wells in other regions!

We have also published some amazing new stories of what God is doing through clean water. Here’s a look at a few of the stories. Pick one and blog about it in your own words!

A Jesus Well Transforms Salil’s Family

This adorable family had one problem: they were constantly getting sick because they only had pond water to drink. Salil traveled for work in order to make enough money to buy medicine for his wife and three kids. But one day when he came home to visit, he was shocked to find out his family wasn’t sick anymore! How had this happened? The answer changed his life.

Read their story here!

Rejected Couple Forced to Drink Dirty Water

The village accused Madhura of performing witchcraft that took the life of another villager. Without a trial, they banned Madhura and her husband (not shown) from drawing water from the community well, forcing the couple to drink dirty water for five years. But after they met a pastor, Madhura and her husband prayed to God about their struggles—maybe He could help them in their need.

Read what happened.

This #WorldWaterDay, we can make a difference and help provide clean water for families in need. Thank you for using your voice for the voiceless!