Trading Plastic Bottles for a Brighter Future

Asha didn’t spend her days laughing and playing like the other girls. Instead, she could be found outside rummaging in the trash heaps looking for discarded plastic. Day after day, she toiled under the weight of the trash bag slung across her back. A plastic bottle here. A plastic jug there. Her work was smelly and miserable. But Asha had no other choice. With a disabled and bedridden father, this young girl and her mother took up the responsibility of providing for their family. It seemed like Asha would be stuck forever in this vicious cycle. Would she have to pick trash forever?

One day, Asha’s father heard about a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center. He heard that Bridge of Hope was a place where children like Asha would be welcomed and cared for. He urged his daughter to go and pursue her dream of getting an education. Asha arrived at the Bridge of Hope center with dusty cheeks and tattered clothes. In one of her hands hung a torn plastic bag with her school books.

But after that first day, everything changed. Please read the rest of Asha’s story here!

As you read her story, consider this: there are millions of children just like Asha who are trapped in the cycle of poverty, unable escape without help.

Through sharing this story, you are helping children like Asha find hope. Thank you.