“Why has God allowed me to be so privileged?”

Audrey, a sponsor from Texas, shares how she was deeply impacted by the story of a woman named Ruth: I’d like to introduce you to a woman named Ruth. She is one of four daughters, just like me, but she lives on the other side of the world. Life is difficult for many women in Asia. The oppression can start before birth, when mothers are often pressured into or choose abortions if they are … [Read more...]

International Literacy Day

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you couldn’t read or write? Literacy is a blessing. It’s something that I take for granted far too often. But my heart aches for more than 250 women million in Asia who are illiterate. Young girls might be denied an education or are too poor to receive one, and they suffer their whole life because of it. A woman who can’t read faces … [Read more...]

Widows in Asia: They sacrificed her 7-year-old son

Imagine you are a young woman on your wedding day, decked in a festive sari. You have hope and a future. You put on glass bangles, the special symbol of your marriage. You have brought honor to your family. One day, far too soon, your husband dies. You grieve. You seek comfort. Instead, your glass bangles are shattered. Your vibrant sari is taken from you, exchanged for a colorless white one—a … [Read more...]

International Literacy Day | September 8

Fall is coming, the weather is cooling down, and it is soon that perfect time to just curl up with a cozy blanket, a hot drink, and a good book. But what if you couldn’t read the book? What if the words made no sense to you? We exercise our ability to read every single day as we read text messages, emails, signs, labels, books, and social media posts, but we don’t often stop to think about what … [Read more...]

You Should Have Been a Boy!

Ruth is not a boy, and her parents hated her for it. Life is difficult for women in South Asia. The oppression starts before birth; mothers are often pressured into abortions if they’re expecting a baby girl. The suicide rate for young women in India is up to 21 times the world average. Widows are often blamed for their husband’s death.* But Ruth’s life was harder than that of most women. … [Read more...]