International Literacy Day

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you couldn’t read or write? Literacy is a blessing. It’s something that I take for granted far too often. But my heart aches for more than 250 women million in Asia who are illiterate. Young girls might be denied an education or are too poor to receive one, and they suffer their whole life because of it. A woman who can’t read faces … [Read more...]

International Literacy Day | September 8

Fall is coming, the weather is cooling down, and it is soon that perfect time to just curl up with a cozy blanket, a hot drink, and a good book. But what if you couldn’t read the book? What if the words made no sense to you? We exercise our ability to read every single day as we read text messages, emails, signs, labels, books, and social media posts, but we don’t often stop to think about what … [Read more...]