Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

After the death of Tavleen’s husband, this 55-year old widow did not have enough income to provide for her family. Her two children even dropped out of school to start working but still couldn’t recover from the financial crisis. For a few years the family struggled alone, until God provided a gift of a water buffalo. Although many people in Asia believe widows carry a curse that causes … [Read more...]

Widows in Asia: They sacrificed her 7-year-old son

Imagine you are a young woman on your wedding day, decked in a festive sari. You have hope and a future. You put on glass bangles, the special symbol of your marriage. You have brought honor to your family. One day, far too soon, your husband dies. You grieve. You seek comfort. Instead, your glass bangles are shattered. Your vibrant sari is taken from you, exchanged for a colorless white one—a … [Read more...]

International Widows’ Day: June 23, 2015

Would you want a "bad omen" in your house? "When my husband died, my entire family rejected me; they did not love me," Netramani said. Sadly, this is the case for many widows throughout South Asia. They are considered a curse, so no one wants to have them around. Cast out of their homes and left to fend for themselves, these desperate women usually end up on the streets with nothing. Link … [Read more...]