World Water Day 2017

World Water Day is tomorrow! We’re so excited to hear about what our field partners are doing to start Clean Water Projects and bring awareness about clean water in several regions in Asia. Here’s a look at what’ll be happening—would you take a minute to pray for these projects? 5 Jesus Wells in a drought-stricken region Water Awareness program in a slum (educating families on using water … [Read more...]

World Water Day 2016

Almost everyone enjoys a cool glass of water on a hot summer day or a soothing bubble bath after a stressful day of work. What if the only water available to use is the same water that clothes, dishes, and cows are washed in or what if you had to walk miles to get any water at all? This is reality for millions of people in South Asia. March 22nd is World Water Day, a chance to create … [Read more...]