For the Name of Christ

Surrounded by murderers, rapists, and thieves. Separated from family. Living in cramped cells. Ailing health. Pastors Samuel, Roshan and Ugyen were in prison—for the sake of Christ. Pastors Ugyen, Roshan and Samuel all have something deeply in common: They suffered in prison for the name of Christ. We may not be able to share the same kind of stories as them, but we can take a few moments … [Read more...]

When Sister Mary Prays

Meet Sister Mary. She is a simple wife and mother living in a village in South Asia. In a typical day, you’ll find her washing a load of laundry, cooking meals for her family, and praying for the sick and suffering in her community. More than 10 years ago, Mary suffered from a horribly painful stomach disease. Although she and her husband searched for a cure and spent large sums of money, … [Read more...]