Trading Plastic Bottles for a Brighter Future

Asha didn't spend her days laughing and playing like the other girls. Instead, she could be found outside rummaging in the trash heaps looking for discarded plastic. Day after day, she toiled under the weight of the trash bag slung across her back. A plastic bottle here. A plastic jug there. Her work was smelly and miserable. But Asha had no other choice. With a disabled and bedridden father, this … [Read more...]

International Day of the Girl Child | October 11th

Think back to when you were a young child, to the sweet memories with family, to the love your parents showed you. What if you never were shown such love or didn’t have those sweet memories? What if instead you lived life neglected and abused just because you were a girl and now all you can think about looking back is how you let your parents down just by being born. For many girls in South … [Read more...]

Special Blogging Assignment—Mother’s Day

How did your Mom influence your life? How has being a mother impacted you? With Mother’s Day coming up, we get a chance to share on behalf of mothers in Asia. Mothers love, serve, and give of themselves for their families and children, making sure their kids have food, clothing, education, and a future. But if a mother were totally unable to provide for her kids, how grateful would she feel if … [Read more...]