Saving the Baby in the Dumpster

The man looked at the baby in his arms. Something wasn’t right. The newborn . . . she was too skinny. And her face . . . it just wasn’t pretty. The doctor said the baby was abnormal.   “Shame fell over the new father. He couldn’t have a child that was abnormal. He didn’t want a child that was abnormal. Neither did his wife. Disgusted, the man threw the 2-day-old baby into the dumpster, and he … [Read more...]

Nepal Earthquake—One Year Later

Nepal, a country of diverse culture and dramatic geography from tropical savannas to the snow-covered Himalayas, draws adventurers from around the world. On April 25, 2015 this land of tourism became a destination for disaster relief. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Nepal, killing more than 8,000 people in four nations and leaving nearly 18,000 injured. Two weeks later, on May 12, a 7.3 … [Read more...]

World Water Day 2016

Almost everyone enjoys a cool glass of water on a hot summer day or a soothing bubble bath after a stressful day of work. What if the only water available to use is the same water that clothes, dishes, and cows are washed in or what if you had to walk miles to get any water at all? This is reality for millions of people in South Asia. March 22nd is World Water Day, a chance to create … [Read more...]

Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground

Gospel for Asia Reports and Stories Imagine living in a town where the air is full of stench, everything is covered in filth, violence is rampant, and there is no electricity or running water. Now imagine choosing to live in this town in order to share the Gospel with the people there. Could you do it? Would you be able to stick it out? This is what Prisha, a Gospel for Asia-supported Sister … [Read more...]

World Leprosy Day | January 31st

Balwant thought death would take away his shame, that death would relieve his family members of the burden of caring for him, that death would resolve all his problems. He wanted to hang himself, but the leprosy had riddled away his muscles, leaving him without strength in his hands or leg to carry out his self-imposed death sentence. Balwant was one of tens of thousands of people in South Asia … [Read more...]