Trading Plastic Bottles for a Brighter Future

Asha didn't spend her days laughing and playing like the other girls. Instead, she could be found outside rummaging in the trash heaps looking for discarded plastic. Day after day, she toiled under the weight of the trash bag slung across her back. A plastic bottle here. A plastic jug there. Her work was smelly and miserable. But Asha had no other choice. With a disabled and bedridden father, this … [Read more...]

World Water Day 2017

World Water Day is tomorrow! We’re so excited to hear about what our field partners are doing to start Clean Water Projects and bring awareness about clean water in several regions in Asia. Here’s a look at what’ll be happening—would you take a minute to pray for these projects? 5 Jesus Wells in a drought-stricken region Water Awareness program in a slum (educating families on using water … [Read more...]

Mina’s Story: Joy in the Face of Suffering

Audrey, a sponsor from Texas, shares about a woman she met in a leprosy colony in Asia: When I was on a vision tour in Asia a few years ago, I met a woman named Mina, who was affected by leprosy. Mina told me her story. She had suffered from the disease for 40 years, and lived for most of that time in colonies with other people suffering from leprosy. Her husband had died, and her son … [Read more...]

Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

After the death of Tavleen’s husband, this 55-year old widow did not have enough income to provide for her family. Her two children even dropped out of school to start working but still couldn’t recover from the financial crisis. For a few years the family struggled alone, until God provided a gift of a water buffalo. Although many people in Asia believe widows carry a curse that causes … [Read more...]