International Literacy Day

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you couldn’t read or write?

Literacy is a blessing. It’s something that I take for granted far too often. But my heart aches for more than 250 women million in Asia who are illiterate. Young girls might be denied an education or are too poor to receive one, and they suffer their whole life because of it.

A woman who can’t read faces many difficulties. She isn’t able to keep her children safe because she can’t read warning labels. She’s vulnerable to being cheated in the marketplace for lack of basic math skills, and she can be taken advantage of through bad contracts she doesn’t understand.

This month, we are celebrating International Literacy Day (observed on September 8) by raising awareness for the problem of illiteracy and sharing how women’s literacy classes are changing lives. Would you join us by blogging about literacy?

In celebration of International Literacy Day this year, GFA-supported workers in Asia held literacy awareness programs and started many new literacy classes! We’re so excited to see the lives that will be blessed and impacted through these initiatives.

Jeni’s Story: Unlocking the Door of Literacy

Ever since she was a little girl, Jeni had always wanted to be able to read and write. And after becoming a grandmother, she wasn’t able to help her grandchildren with their homework. Jeni felt ashamed she couldn’t read or sign her own name. But now as a grandmother, she was finally able to learn!

“Today,” Jeni declares, “I am proud to say I am not illiterate.”

Read her story here, and share it on your blog in your own words.

Thank you for sharing about literacy on your blog and helping make a difference for these women!