Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground

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Imagine living in a town where the air is full of stench, everything is covered in filth, violence is rampant, and there is no electricity or running water. Now imagine choosing to live in this town in order to share the Gospel with the people there. Could you do it? Would you be able to stick it out?

This is what Prisha, a Gospel for Asia-supported Sister of Compassion experienced.

Sisters of Compassion are specially trained women missionaries who have a deep burden for showing Christ’s love by serving the needy, underprivileged and poor. While serving, they wear traditional white saris that mirror the clothing that were once worn by the lowliest servants in Asia. These saris show others that they are there to love and serve without any hidden agenda, therefore opening doors to reach people that would normally be resistant to the Good News. You can read more about Sisters of Compassion at

She and her fellow Sisters of Compassion chose to live with and minister to the people of the Punya Basti village even though the conditions were far from ideal. Violence was rampant and almost everything and everyone was filthy and unwashed – yet they lived with, loved on, and served these people.

For your blogging assignment this month, read the rest of Prisha’s story and share it with your readers. We want to equip you to blog about Prisha, her work in Punya Basti village and about the Sisters of Compassion. Several ways to get you started are:

Story: Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground

Because of Prisha’s love and servant-heart toward the villagers of Punya Basti, many chose to accept the Good News of Jesus. In your own words, share Prisha’s story with your readers.

Video: Sisters Bringing Compassion

Watch a video about Sisters of Compassion and the ministry they do and share about them with your readers.

Through the work of Prisha and Sisters of Compassion like her, hardened hearts are now softened and many are hearing the Good News of Jesus for the first time! Thank you for sharing Prisha’s story with your readers and helping raise awareness to the work the Sisters of Compassion are doing.