Stories from Nepal Earthquake Survivors

Two earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks have devastated Nepal since April 25. Millions have been affected, and over 8,500 people lost their lives. Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams have been on the ground from the start, bringing relief supplies and hope to dozens of needy communities.

Meet Drashtaa, Bhukima, Kaanan, and Tarana. Their stories give us a glimpse into what thousands of people throughout Nepal are experiencing in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

After reading the profiles below, choose one story that resonates with you and share what God places on your heart about it. Please ask your readers to pray for the earthquake survivors in Nepal, and for the relief work that GFA and other organizations are doing. You can also use some of the suggested prayer requests at the end of this post if you like.

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Nepal Earthquake Survivor Photo
Drashtaa, a widow, lost her only granddaughter in the Nepal earthquake when the 16-year-old had gone into the forest to collect firewood. She is left alone, and like many others in Nepal, she does not know how she will start life again. Please pray for the people of Nepal to find comfort and help in their time of need.

Nepal Earthquake Survivor Photo
Bhukima lost her husband in the disaster. He was mining for gemstones in the forest when the earthquake hit. She has five children to care for alone. Right now, she is dependent on the kindness of neighbors who are letting her stay in their tents.

Nepal Earthquake Survivor Story
Kaanan lost his wife, son, daughter, and a niece when his house collapsed in the Nepal earthquake. The home is in debris, and he doesn’t know how he will rebuild or earn a livelihood to support his mother and youngest son. Our hearts are heavy for earthquake survivors like this man.

Nepal Earthquake Survivor Photo
When the earth started shaking, Tarana’s husband rushed inside their home to look for their children, unaware that they were safe outside. The house collapsed on him, and Tarana is now widowed, caring for five children on her own. It’s hard to imagine going through such heartache. Please pray for Tarana, her family and other Nepal earthquake survivors as if they were your own family members.

Suggested Prayer Requests

  • Comfort and hope for those grieving
  • Protection from disease and danger
  • God’s provision and sustenance for relief teams
  • Many to understand Jesus’ love

GFA Compassion Services teams have touched many lives through relief events during the past several weeks. They’ve focused on reaching remote, hard-to-reach villages where many lost homes, possessions, and sometimes loved ones. For more information on GFA’s relief work in Nepal, please visit

Thank you for blogging on behalf of the men, women and children in Asia who have yet to hear of Christ’s love. You are impacting their lives!

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Pray for the people of Nepal

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