You Should Have Been a Boy!

Ruth is not a boy, and her parents hated her for it. Life is difficult for women in South Asia. The oppression starts before birth; mothers are often pressured into abortions if they’re expecting a baby girl. The suicide rate for young women in India is up to 21 times the world average. Widows are often blamed for their husband’s death.* But Ruth’s life was harder than that of most women. … [Read more...]

Love for the Least of These – World Leprosy Day

Can you think of a time when someone’s love and care impacted your life? For me, a big moment is when I accepted the love of Jesus, and there are also many other small times when someone’s hug or encouragement helped me get through the day. Your special Blogging Assignment for January is World Leprosy Day, observed on January 26, 2015, or the nearest Sunday, January 25, 2015. This day for … [Read more...]