Blessings Beyond Full Tummies

After the death of Tavleen’s husband, this 55-year old widow did not have enough income to provide for her family. Her two children even dropped out of school to start working but still couldn’t recover from the financial crisis. For a few years the family struggled alone, until God provided a gift of a water buffalo.

Although many people in Asia believe widows carry a curse that causes their husband’s death, God did not see Tavleen that way, He saw her through the lens of His love.

When Tavleen received this Christmas gift, she didn’t know how to feel. She tearfully took the rope from the pastor’s hand, overwhelmed at the gift staring back at her from the other end of the leash. Was this water buffalo really hers? Who would give her, a lonely widow, such a valuable gift?

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This Christmas season, share how one simple gift, such as a water buffalo, can transform a whole family.

As you read and share this story, may you be reminded of the best gift that was given to humanity: Jesus Christ (Emmanuel, God with us)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!